Lookbook Guide
You can easily add all items on a lifestyle picture to your shopping basket. Pay attention to the banner above. It will show you how to make use of the Lookbook. Step 1: Check on the lookbooks below > the lookbooks will open. Step 2: Scroll through the lifestyle pictures. Step 3: Click on "buy the look". Step 4: Click to define the quantities and the items will directly be added to your cart.

Fall Winter 2024

Spring Summer 2024
Dive into the colours of spring and summer! With a new kitchen series as well as an outdoor collection we launch some new special items for the new season. Discover all must-haves that will make your store shine!

Fall Winter 2023
This new fall/winter collection is better than ever! It’s more shiny, more glamorous, more extensive and more bold! Discover the different theme worlds with classics like angels, gold and black candles, candle holders and vases as well as new must-haves like our light branch!
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Spring Summer 2023
Spring and summer is the time of hope, new beginnings, warmth and joy. This is what we wanted to capture with this new Home Society spring summer collection. A kitchen where a warm wooden colour pallet of bowls, trays and storage jars welcomes you. The happy fl ickering of the wicks of our new lilac candles. Or the soft plaids and cushions that invite you to sit down, rest and unwind from unsettling times. This collection is all about enjoying the little things and taking a break.

Fall Winter 2022
At Home Society there’s one thing that drives our team all year around: “Think positive”! We step into the new season AW22 with a lot of positivity, courage and hope. And we believe that the new collection will bring moments of joy to your customers’ homes, too – with new trend colours like blue, ice-blue and brown. And guess what?! Silver is back! With many new icy-shiny silver products such as candle holders, t-lights, ornaments and of course our customer’s all-time favorite: Angels! But not all angels wear wings: For us our loyal customers bring a bright glow to the darkest of times, just like our wide range of angel decorations in all sizes and shapes will bring a spark of brilliance to any interior.